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A Winter Wonderland in Jackson Hole, WY

Featuring: Elisabeth Rohrbach

Director of Membership , Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Jackson Hole's epic skiing scene is just the tip of the iceberg in this iconic destination.

The wild, rugged landscape that surrounds Jackson Hole delivers stunning vistas and things to do that fit any travel style. Elisabeth Rohrbach, one of Jackson's leading destination experts, connected with Rediscover America to share her insider tips on how to create a winter filled with memories in this stunning destination.


What is a can't-miss winter experience?

Elk Refuge Sleigh Rides

A sleigh ride on the Elk Refuge is just an unmissable thing. The elk are naturally afraid of humans, but when you are in a sleigh, you can get much closer to them and observe them in their natural habitat. It's an incredible experience.


Who is the Most Famous Jackson Hole Resident?

Grizzly 399

Grizzly 399 is an internationally-famous grizzly who raises her cubs by the highway. People come from near and far to see her, and the best way to see her is to join a wildlife tour. The guides are great at finding the perfect vistas to see all kinds of wildlife - from bears and bison to elk and birds.


What's a favorite activity with locals?

Ice Skating on Local Lakes

In order to be able to ice skate, the temperatures have to be low with little snow. We were fortunate to have that early this winter. Even after the snow starts, locals will shovel the snow off the lakes and play hockey, skate around, and ice fish.

It's a really fun vibe with locals tailgating, dogs hanging around, and everyone enjoying the winter.


What activity is gaining popularity with visitors?

Cross-Country Skiing

In the summer, Grand Teton National Park is your playground. During the winter, there are trails that crisscross the park, and guides who can take you to their favorite secret spots. It's a quieter way to get out into nature, and is really spectacular.

"I always recommend visitors take a wildlife tour. It's what makes a visit to Jackson Hole so memorable." Elisabeth Rohrbach, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce


Where is the best spot to see winter light displays?

Jackson Town Square

Every year, we celebrate the lighting of Town Square early in the winter. We decorate huge Christmas trees, and the iconic antler arches are beautifully lit. During the month of January, the town square is lit in pink in solidarity with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Photo courtesy Visit Jackson Hole


What is the coziest place to get a drink in the winter?


Coelette is a new restaurant created by a local restaurant group. It has a very luxurious feel on the inside with dark wood, a lot of different textures, and great seasonal cocktails.

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About the Contributor

Elisabeth Rohrbach

Director of Membership

About The Contributor

A fan of downhill skiing, Elisabeth moved to Jackson to experience the destination's iconic winters. Now, she shares insider tips on how visitors can enjoy every season in her wild, wonderful home.