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Enjoy the Scenic Beauty in Salem, Oregon

kara kuh travel salem

Featuring: Kara Kuh

Assistant Director, Marketing & PR , Travel Salem

Learn more about what makes this small town so unique.

From endless waterfall hikes to fields of blooming tulips, the Salem scenery is one you don't want to miss. Rediscover America sat down with Kara Kuh from Travel Salem, where we discussed the diversity of attractions that Salem, Oregon has to offer.


What is the most peaceful spot in your destination?


The monks at Mount Angel Abbey are really welcoming to visitors. It's so peaceful and there are multiple hiking trails around the grounds. The monks also have a brewery, Benedictine Brewery, that they opened a few years ago. It's the only monk-owned brewery in the U.S. with a tasting room that's open to the public. You can walk around the grounds and grab a beer. It's a really fun and unique experience.


What local restaurant do you sometimes crave?


Wild Pear is owned by two sisters who are both chefs. It has been a staple in downtown Salem for a long time. This was the first restaurant I visited when they reopened. It is our office go-to!

"We're home to people who have taken their passions and turned it into a business where they can tell their story" Kara Kuh, Travel Salem


Name the place that’s right in your backyard but also on your bucket list?


I really want to get back out to some of the hiking areas. Opal Creek Wilderness has all of these beautiful hikes, waterfalls, and pristine waters. It gives you those zen moments that everyone needs and is craving right now.


Describe your destination in 3 words.

Welcoming, Colorful, & Diverse

Welcoming: We're pretty laid back and we do feel like we are home to dreamers and entrepreneurs and are genuinely welcoming to them. Colorful: The scenic beauty here, especially during the spring when everything is blooming, is gorgeous. Diverse: We really do have an amazing food and wine scene, as well as a big performing arts scene. We also have really accessible outdoor activities. I can drive 30 minutes in any direction, and access so much.


What about Salem stands out to you?


Our downtown is so vibrant and has a connective park system that runs right through it. You can walk one block west and be amongst 25 miles of trails. With the size of town we are, it's pretty amazing that you can be in downtown but also be so accessible to this beautiful park area with so much to do there.

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kara kuh travel salem

Kara Kuh

Assistant Director, Marketing & PR

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Kara is responsible for developing and implementing public and media relations activities that promote Salem for leisure tourism and event business.