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Find Inspiration from the Artists of Sedona, Arizona

Featuring: Jennifer Wesselhoff

President & CEO , Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau

Connect with the artistic community of Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona is a special place in Arizona, full of red rock hiking trails and mountain biking chicks. Peel back a layer, and you'll uncover even more secrets about the beautiful city. We chatted with Jennifer Wesselhoff, Sedona's leading destination expert, to explore the artistic side of this creative community.

#1 Prayerful Paintings

Who is one of your favorite Sedona artists?

Sherab Khandro

Sherab used to be a Buddhist monk, and is now a sculptor and painter. She uses the pointillism technique in her art, and every dot she makes is a prayer for peace. It's really beautiful.

"Sherab is such a beautiful person, and really embodies the caring, spiritual nature of the Sedona community." Jennifer Wesselhoff, Visit Sedona

#2 Life-Size Wildlife

Who is a popular local sculptor?

Ken Rowe

Ken has lived in Sedona for around 30 years, and is an incredible artist who creates amazing large animal sculptures. Ken a great representative of Sedona, and is also a super cool guy and a mountain biker.

#3 Spiritual Celebrations

Who is a popular Sedona painter?

Andrea Smith

Andrea is a prolific artist whose gallery also celebrates other local artists. Andrea's art is amazing, full of hearts, love, and angels. She exemplifies the spiritual side Sedona has to offer.

#4 Supporting Local Makers

Who helps support the arts in Sedona?

Linda Goldenstein

Linda is one of Sedona's wonderful community gems. She owns a gallery and has a special way of mentoring local artists, helping them get on their feet and showing off their work. She's an incredibly strong local patron of the arts.

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#5 Natural Artistry

Who is the most surprising source of art in Sedona?

Mother Nature

I try to go out into nature whenever I can, and just be out on the land. Getting my feet on the red earth is so grounding. Feeling so small in the great big world - that puts all the stress in perspective.

#6 Secrets of Sedona

How Can Visitors Explore More?

Sedona's Secret 7

Sedona's Secret 7 is a guide to some of our best local hidden gems. In particular, visitors should check out some of the lesser known, newer trails in the area to adventure while social distancing.

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Jennifer Wesselhoff

President & CEO

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Jennifer is passionate about preserving her stunning home city by helping visitors explore Sedona's iconic red rock canyons in a sustainable and memorable way.