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Get On Island Time In Galveston, Texas

Featuring: Michael Woody

Chief Tourism Officer , Galveston Island CVB

Galveston has character, the beach, and a whole lot of history!

Galveston Island is the perfect destination for a family vacation, romantic getaway, or a girls weekend. From the history, to the beach, to the amazing restaurants, there is so much to experience and something for everyone. Rediscover America spoke with Michael Woody, Chief Tourism Office at Galveston Island CVB, and he filled us in on all the things you can't miss while visiting.


How would you describe your destination in three words?

Diverse, Unique, Experiential

The exciting thing about Galveston is that there are so many different cultures that have really come to develop the experience you have on the island. Back in the 1800s we were the second largest immigration port in the U.S., so we have all of these great cultures throughout the island.

You see it through the culinary experiences and in the architecture. We also have 32 miles of beach. There are all of these great outdoor opportunities and ways to experience things in a new way.


What is the best kept secret in your destination?

The history

Galveston has so much great history. Galveston was the second biggest immigration port and the second richest city per capita in the entire U.S. when the 1900s storm hit, bringing a lot of history to the island. People are always surprised how much history there is and we always encourage people to leave the beach and go explore the neighborhoods.

The historic seaport is really a neat opportunity to come experience the Tall Ship ELISSA. You get a feel of what that trade vessel was like.

"The best thing about this destination is that there are so many things you can experience and ways to immerse yourself in the community." Michael Woody, Visit Galveston

#3 The Causeway Cure

Where do you go for visual inspiration and creativity?

Down by the water

That’s easy for me. At Least three times a week I am down on the sea wall, walking on the beach, and having those moments to reflect. On the island they talk about the “causeway cure.” The minute you come down onto the island you have this sense of calm. You really feel this decompression. You’ve arrived at this place of solitude. And I reconnect with that when I walk along the water.


What local food do you sometimes crave?

Local Seafood

I crave our local seafood. You can go over to the marina where the boats pull up to the seafood market with their fresh catches. A lot of our local restaurants curate their seafood from here. We have a program where the restaurant will provide a QR code when they serve you their fish and it gives you the time and coordinates of where the fish was caught.

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About the Contributor

Michael Woody

Chief Tourism Officer

About The Contributor

Michael is passionate about Galveston Island and works with his team to bring in visitors and show them all that the island has to offer.