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Local Scenes from Seattle's Southside

Featuring: Meagan McGuire

Meagan McGuire, Vice President of Sales & Services ,

Uncover the local stories, legends, and unique places that make up the community of Seattle Southside.

Just to the south of Seattle, Washington, you'll find the Seattle Southside region. The unique communities of Tukwila, SeaTac, and Des Moines make up this vibrant region, with a rich past and a community of storytellers ready to share their history - or spin a yarn or two.

We recently connected with Meagan McGuire, Vice President of Sales & Services at Seattle Southside Regional Tourism, who takes us through some of the community's best stories - captured in her organization's Seattle Southside Scenes series.

#1 Native Lands

What's Your Favorite Way to Reconnect with Local Nature?

Duwamish Hill Preserve

The Duwamish Hill Preserve, located in Tukwila, is home to the Puget Sound Salish Cultural Garden, featuring medicinal plants used for a variety of purposes by native Coast Salish people.

Before industrialization, Tuckwilla was the site of the highest concentration of camps for the Coast Salish people. In recent history, Duwamish Hill Preserve was an industrial site until a group of locals reclaimed the land and restored its natural habitat The opportunity to reclaim the land and restore it to its traditional use as a gathering place and natural space is a way to honor and recognize the native people who still live in the area.

#2 Local Flavors

How is the Region Continuing to Honor Local Culture?

Supporting Entrepreneurs of Color

The Food Innovation Network helps immigrant women of color and refugees coming to our community the opportunity to share their culture through food. The Spice Bridge International Food Hall gives visitors the opportunity to connect with these women and sample their food, with the goal that they will eventually go on to open their own restaurants.

#3 Here Come The Men in Black

What is the Quirkiest Community Story?

Maury Island Incident

Maury Island is the site of the first documented UFO sighting, and the first reference to the men in black. Visitors can learn about the story of the UFO sighting, and visit a mural in Des Moines that depicts the event.

The idea of the Seattle Southside Scenes is to portray these hidden gems and allow visitors to connect with our local culture. Meagan McGuire, VP Sales and Services of Seattle Southside

#4 Tall Tales and Big Sculptures

What's the Story Behind Your Public Art?

The Big Catch

The artist who created The Big Catch said he was inspired by a legend of a maiden who was turned into a fish. But after the sculpture was complete, the community found out the tale was made up! He created it as a unique backstory to explain how he was inspired to create the piece.

#5 Friendly Bootleggers

Tell Us About Another Notable Local.

Roy Olmstead

Roy Olmstead was a local bootlegger and one of the most successful in the business, until he was apprehended in Des Moines. He was known as a "friendly" bootlegger, because he refused to use guns in his dealings with local gangs.

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