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Rich History & Haunted Buildings in Toledo, Ohio

Ashlee Layman

Featuring: Ashlee Layman

Business Engagement Specialist & Event Manager , Destination Toledo

A city so full of history, culture, and food, you'll never be bored in Toledo.

Ashlee Layman, "Queen of Toledo" and Business Engagement Specialist at Destination Toledo, shared her favorite spots to eat, relax, and even hear thrilling ghost stories. Get the most out of your next trip to Toledo with this destination expert's insights.

#1 Beer & Ghost Stories

What is the best hidden gem in Toledo?

Maumee Bay Brewing Company

Maumee Bay Brewing Co. is housed in a building called the Oliver House, which has been around since the mid-1800s and is known for being haunted. They brew everything on-site. It started with their Buckeye beer and then they grew from there. Now they have three restaurants in the building! They even do history tours, if you're looking for a ghost story.

#2 Get Creative

Where do you go for visual inspiration or creativity?

The Toledo Museum of Art

The museum is on this little campus called The Old West End. It's full of old Victorian homes and was home to the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright while he studied here. The Toledo Museum of Art is world-renowned and one of the best art museums you can visit. It's just a really wonderful place to walk around.

Toledo is known as The Glass City. Across the street from the museum is the Glass Pavillion, where they have glass blowing demonstrations and gorgeous glass sculptures.

"It's very cool to be able to walk around and get inspired by the everchanging collections in the museums and architecture around town. There's a lot of rich history in Toledo. It's all connected." Ashlee Layman, Destination Toledo

#3 Let's Eat

What activity is right in your backyard but might also on your bucket list?

Tony Packo's

This is a locally-owned Hungarian food chain. Jamie Farr, from MASH, actually made this place famous because he would refer to it on the show often. The restaurant collects signed hot dog buns from celebrities and displays them, so it's really fun to go in and look at all the famous people who have visited. And the food is great, too!

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#4 Picnics in the Park

What is your favorite spot for a picnic lunch?

The Spot

"The Spot" right inside of Oak Opening Reserve Metropark. We have an incredible Metropark system that includes sixteen parks. It's something we are most proud of our city for. The Oak Opening region is home to beautiful oak trees that are just miles high. In "The Spot," you sit in the middle of these trees and look up, and it's enough to take your breath away. It's a wonderful place for a picnic.

#5 A Hidden Gem

Where would you take a local “know it all” to show them a new side of Toledo?

La Paloma Pastries

This is a hidden gem in the Southside of Toledo. It's an amazing Hispanic bakery located in a tiny building. They make the best food. From rice and beans to pastries. The area is very rich in Hispanic culture and full of beautiful murals and art.

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About the Contributor
Ashlee Layman

Ashlee Layman

Business Engagement Specialist & Event Manager

About The Contributor

Ashlee is passionate about Toledo's rich history and uses her expertise and love for the destination to help visitors and locals get the most out of their Toledo experience.