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The Diverse Experiences of Minneapolis, MN

Featuring: Courtney Ries

Senior Vice President, Destination Branding and Strategy , Meet Minneapolis

Minneapolis, like any other destination, is a destination in transformation.

Earlier this year, the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis was a catalyst and a call to action across the country. Courtney Ries, one of the leading destination experts in Minneapolis, takes us inside the community turning tragedy into a movement for change.

#1 Unique Neighborhoods

What's the most unexpected aspect of Minneapolis?

Its diverse neighborhoods

People are always surprised by how many experiences you can get in our community. There are so many little pockets to explore. It’s a very different feel depending on the neighborhood.

#2 The Mighty Mississippi

What's your happy place to get away from it all?

The Mississippi River

I love to walk along the Mississippi River. There's so much beauty to see, and views of the river, waterfalls, and the city give you a mix of natural and urban experiences. It's a great way to explore that is very soothing and makes you feel connected while still feeling safe and socially distanced.

"Minneapolis has been ranked the best park system in the country. Exploring the parks is a great way to get a feel the city and reconnect with nature." Courtney Ries, Meet Minneapolis

#3 Artistic Parks

What's your favorite park to explore?

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a huge, fascinating outdoor space to explore. It's free, easy to social distance, and gets you out of the city while still giving you that art experience. It's a great family-friendly place.

#4 Surprising Public Art

Who is a local maker you love supporting?

Adam Turman

Adam Turman is a very popular local maker who creates a lot of big murals and public art in Minneapolis. You can check out the Minnesota Makers site to purchase works inspired by Adam and other local artists that give you a sense of joy and a sense of Minnesota in your home.

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#5 Lovely Lakes

What is your family’s favorite place to explore on a day trip?

Bde Maka Ska

A good way to spend a day is to walk around Bde Maka Ska. It's a great spot to walk or bike around the beautiful string of lakes, or rent a boat. There are also plenty of places to grab takeout and have a picnic along the shore.

#6 Global Inspiration

Where do you take visitors to give them a feel of the "real" side of Minneapolis?

Midtown Global Market

Midtown Global Market is a great place to get a feel for the hustle and bustle of the different communities that come together in Minneapolis. It's a great way to get a different feel and a different flavor for all the cultures that contribute to making our community unique and special.

Our strength as a community is in our diversity. I know Minneapolis will lead the way on how equity and the future of public safety looks like. I hope in 50 years you can point to Minneapolis as the place where things started to change and get better for communities across the entire United States of America.

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